Allouchery-Perseval Brut Tradition

Médaille Médaille Médaille Médaille

Le Tradition - Blanc de Noirs – Brut

From the Pinot Noir, this Champagne is suitable as an appetiser at anytime of the day or the night

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The tradition vintage is also available in Extra-Brut, Demi-Sec, and also comes in half bottles (37,5 cl)

Allouchery-Perseval Brut Réserve

Médaille Médaille Médaille

La Réserve - Brut

It is the rich combination of a fruity Pinot Noir and an exquisite Chardonnay; this noble Champagne will fit with appetisers as well as the most delicates meals.

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Our Brut Reserve is also available in 3 sizes: magnum (2 bottles), jeroboam (4 bottles) and mathusalem (8 bottles).


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I am of legal drinking age in my country of residence.

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